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Data Science And Business Analytics Program

Internship Guarantee Program

Get real-world data analytics and data science experience with industry recognized curriculum and industry-relevant projects. Learn how to analyze data, model business scenarios, create machine learning models, and create data dashboards using tools like Python, Excel, SQL, and Tableau

Estimated Time

6 Months
16 hrs/week

Learning Mode

Self-paced Lectures
Live Doubt Session , Masterclasses


No Prerequisites
Beginner Friendly

What You Will Get

Master 5 Essential Data Tools

Learn Machine Learning with Python, Data Analytics with Gen AI, SQL & Excel, and Data Visualization with Tableau, equipping you with a comprehensive toolkit for the data-driven world

8 Industry-Focused Projects

Work on 8 real-world Analytics projects tailored to industry standards to build experience and showcase your skills

Guaranteed Paid Internship

Secure a guaranteed internship with a minimum total stipend of Rs 5,000, gaining invaluable hands-on experience

Live Doubt Clearing Sessions

Experience tailored one-on-one sessions with your mentor to resolve doubts and deepen your understanding in real time

Personalized Assignment Feedback

Receive detailed, personalized feedback on your assignments directly from your mentor to refine your skills and enhance your learning

Career Counseling & Guidance

Gain expert career advice and receive constructive feedback on your resume to effectively navigate your professional path

Expert-Led Mock Interview Session

Engage in intensive mock interview session with mentors to sharpen your presentation skills and deepen your subject knowledge

Your sample resume after completing this program

Meet Your Instructors

Pukhraj Parikh

8 years of data analytics expertise
IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Roorkee

Abhishek Bansal

8 years of data analytics expertise
FMS Delhi, IIT Roorkee

0 ,00,000
0 +

Tools You Will Master

Industry-Focused Projects

Deep Learning

Healthcare Industry

Image Classification

Agriculture Industry

Logistic Regression

Banking Industry

Time series Forecasting

Aviation Industry


Sports Industry

Linear Regression

Insurance Analytics

Data Visualization

Social Analytics

Excel Analytics

Retail Analytics

Guaranteed Internship

Get a guaranteed internship with a stipend after completing this program

Machine Learning or Data Analytics Internship

Guaranteed stipend of min ₹ 5000

Choose between 1 or 2 month long internship

Choose your own internship schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This Nanodegree program accepts all applicants regardless of experience and specific background.

Excel, SQL, Google Data Studio, Python and Pentaho are needed for this program. We will provide you the links and instructions to install the same.

You don’t need a coding background to enroll in this course. In the Beginner modules, we will cover the basics of coding.