MS Excel — Use #PowerQuery to IMPORT .csv formatted data from the Web

Part 1 — Building Basic Data Analysis with Excel Power Tools


When getting data from the web, a lot of sites provide the ability to DOWNLOAD a csv formatted file of the data.

Rather than download it though, you can simply connect to it and import the data using PowerQuery.

Why import? Because the data can be refreshed and updated anytime the underlying source on the web changes!

That’s convenient!

One of my favorite small datasets that I use for training is a listing of banks that have failed (closed or been acquired).FDIC Failed Bank List – Comma Separated Values File –

In this video, I walk through importing the data from the web via connecting to the csv rather than downloading the csv file.

Have you used this approach? If not, give it a try!

Next Up

In Part 2, I will review creating a dynamic Date Dimension query which updates from the core data query.

Continuing to build out the analysis…

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