Start-Tech Academy

Data Science Skillpath

Embark on the Data Science Mastery Bundle, a robust educational journey crafted to equip you with the fundamental and advanced skills necessary for a successful career in data science. This five-course bundle covers everything from data manipulation in Excel and SQL to creating impactful visualizations with Tableau, building machine learning models with Python, and forecasting trends with time series analysis using Python.

Course Highlights:

  1. Excel for Data Science: Gain a solid foundation in data manipulation and analysis using Excel. Learn to handle large datasets, perform statistical analysis, and create dynamic reports.
  2. Advanced SQL for Data Scientists: Deepen your understanding of database management and query optimization with SQL. Master complex queries that allow you to manipulate and retrieve data efficiently.
  3. Data Visualization with Tableau: Learn to translate complex results from your data analysis into compelling visual stories using Tableau. This course helps you create intuitive and impactful visualizations that convey insights clearly.
  4. Machine Learning with Python: Dive into the world of machine learning with Python. Develop a range of models from regression to  decision trees, understanding both the theory and practical implementation.
  5. Time Series Forecasting with Python: Explore the specialized area of time series analysis and forecasting. Learn techniques to predict future trends based on historical data, using Python’s powerful libraries.

Who Should Enroll: 

This bundle is ideal for aspiring data scientists, analysts looking to upskill, and professionals in any field who want to leverage data science for better decision-making. It is also perfect for students who aim to enter the data-driven job market.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this bundle, you will have the skills to efficiently analyze and manage data, create meaningful visualizations, build predictive models, and forecast future trends. This comprehensive skill set will prepare you to tackle real-world data challenges and drive decision-making processes in your organization.