Start-Tech Academy

Finance Analytics Mastery

Embark on the Finance Analytics Mastery Bundle, a focused educational journey designed to enhance your capabilities in financial analysis. This two-course bundle equips finance professionals with the tools to perform deep financial analysis, predictive analytics, and forecasting with MS Excel, alongside advanced data visualization techniques with Tableau tailored for finance data.

Course Highlights:

  1. Financial Analysis using MS Excel: Master the use of Excel for financial analysis by learning how to analyze financial statements, perform predictive analytics, and create sophisticated financial models. This course will empower you to derive actionable insights from complex financial data.
  2. Finance Analytics and Visualization with Tableau: Transform raw financial data into visually engaging and interactive dashboards using Tableau. This course focuses on teaching you how to visualize financial metrics effectively, enhancing the clarity and impact of financial reports.

Who Should Enroll:

This bundle is ideal for finance professionals, financial analysts, and accountants who seek to strengthen their analytical skills. It is also suitable for MBA students, finance managers, and any professionals involved in business and financial planning who are keen on integrating advanced analytics into their finance function.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this bundle, participants will be proficient in using Excel to perform robust financial analyses and skilled in applying Tableau to communicate financial insights visually. You will gain the ability to not only manage and analyze large volumes of financial data but also to present this information in ways that are insightful and persuasive to stakeholders.